Many modern cars have been developed in a way that allows them to self-diagnose most internal faults. Most new cars that you see on the road have inbuilt computer systems which store information concerning the wellbeing of the vehicle. Using our specialist diagnostic equipment and knowledge we can analyse your vehicle’s fault codes and warning messages to help prevent accidents and breakages.
We can run and assess the components and systems in your vehicle to establish whether it is running efficiently or whether any repairs should be initiated.

The test can often point out problems with transmission, the vehicle’s oil tank, the petrol tank, exhaust system and many more vital components.

Some modern vehicles are incredibly comprehensive and can log faults associated with the smallest systems such as the deployment of windscreen wipers.

The information stored on your vehicle’s system allows our mechanics to identify problems straight away and can be one of the most direct approaches to spotting a fault. Subtle, minor problems that may have been missed without the development of on-board computers can be quickly spotted and fixed before they have the chance to escalate into much larger problems.

We recommend a diagnostic check on an annual basis – it is an incredibly thorough procedure and can save you expensive repairs in the long term.

Below is a list that indicates some of the vital areas covered in our diagnostic check: