If all roads were perfectly flat then there would be no need for suspension. Unfortunately this is not the case; even freshly laid tarmac has subtle imperfections that can cause visible movement of a vehicle’s wheel as it passes at high speeds. It is the vehicle’s suspension that allows its wheels to respond to these imperfections and improve the comfort of those in the car.

Part of our policy of free inspections is to offer you a comprehensive suspension check. Suspension is important in keeping your vehicle balanced, helping to maintain a constant and balanced contact between your tyres and the road. A correctly balanced vehicle can benefit both braking and the general handling of a vehicle.

The power of a car is meaningless if the driver cannot control it. A vehicle responds best to commands when there is friction between to all four wheels and the ground – the suspension is instrumental in making this happen.

An important aspect of a vehicle’s suspension system is its shock absorbers; they help to soften any small bumps and bobbles on the road’s surface. A mechanic can carry out a simple ‘bounce’ test on site that can indicate the condition of your shock absorbers. If the vehicle’s shock absorbers are too ‘springy’ then they will need to be replaced.

A vehicle’s suspension system is a complicated series of components which, when operating correctly, work in harmony to reduce the bumps and knocks from the road surface. If your suspension is not working properly even small changes to the road’s surface can make your driving experience incredibly uncomfortable. A suspension system that works perfectly makes a huge difference, accounting for uneven road surfaces and proving both driver and passengers an enjoyable ride.

A faulty suspension system cannot only fail to account for uneven road surfaces, but it could drastically affect a vehicle’s braking distance for the worse. If a vehicle were to be traveling at 30mph, malfunctioning shock absorbers could be responsible for adding a further two meters to its braking distance.

Another aspect of a vehicle’s performance affected by a faulty suspension system is its handling around corners.

As a vehicle corners, the job of the suspension is to counter the vehicle’s roll. If the suspension is not functioning correctly, the driving experience will be uncomfortable around corners and the car could even be risk of losing control.

Suspension is a part of your vehicle that will slowly degrade over time, often without you noticing. A quick check by our specialised mechanics can identify the condition of your suspension system.