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How likely is your vehicle to pass its MOT?

Once your vehicle is three years old, it must undergo an MOT test on an annual basis by a Department for Transportation-approved garage. This is to determine whether your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

If your vehicle passes its MOT, it will be awarded a VT20 safety certificate. If it fails, the driver is permitted one journey to move the vehicle to a garage where the relevant repairs can be carried out.

We have listed the key checks that a garage undertakes in order to determine whether or not your car is roadworthy.

Some simple checks can be made before you take your vehicle to a garage increasing your chances of passing on first inspection. For example, testing all of your lights and windscreen wipers.

You can book your MOT online, all you need to do is click on an available slot and book your car in with your details.

What is checked in an MOT: