Our highly qualified mechanics can inspect your entire exhaust system free of charge and can provide on the spot quotes if any repairs are advised.

A fully functioning exhaust system is important for the general health and wellbeing of the driver and passengers of a vehicle; its primary purpose is to divert noxious and potentially harmful fumes away the vehicle’s occupants. At the same time, the fumes should not be harming pedestrians and other road users and so must reach health and environmental standards.

Exhaust systems can also help to monitor the efficiency of your vehicle by calculating the amount of oxygen that is passing though and assessing the balance of the fuel/air mix being compressed and burnt in the engine.

With such an important role it is very important that any faults are quickly identified and dealt with; with the average exhaust system consisting of so many components, you may find that frequent repairs are required.

There are certain telltale signs of a malfunctioning exhaust system and one of the most obvious is a change in the noise that it emits. If you notice that your exhaust system has started to make a roaring noise then it may be that your silencer has been affected by acid damage.

Sitting underneath your vehicle, the exhaust system is susceptible to water damage and corrosion. It will be fixed in place with a range of different bolts, brackets and fixings; if you start to hear a rattling then it may be that something vital has corroded away or become loose.

A hissing noise could be cause by a crack in the exhaust system while a chugging could indicate that you have a blockage. If you hear any strange noise at all it is important to have a mechanic look at the exhaust system as soon as possible otherwise a manageable problem could manifest itself into complete failure of the exhaust system.

Listening for changes in the sounds created by your exhaust system can be the easiest way of noticing a fault,

but there are other more subtle indicators. One such sign is erratic engine revving while another can be increased fuel consumption. If you have any concerns about the general condition of your vehicle or have spotted a decline in its performance, then bring it in for a check and our mechanics can assess whether the state of your exhaust system has any part to play.