If you think you may have a problem with your clutch or are unsure about what kind of condition it is in, then our mechanics can carry out a detailed assessment free of charge. If any repair or replacement is required we can also give you an free, on the spot quote.

Clutch damage can be caused through frequent use, whether it be your driving habit (constantly ‘sitting on the clutch’ will reduce its life cycle) or even where you drive your vehicle. Driving in an urban environment can lead to the vehicle being stopped and started frequently which can wear down the clutch.

The warning signs are noticeable; if you start to notice any of the below then book an appointment and our mechanics can have a look over your vehicle:

  • There isn’t much of an increase of speed even when the vehicle’s revs are increasing. If you rev the engine and there is no notable change in speed then it could mean that there is a fault.
  • A loss of acceleration occurs as the clutch slips
  • Moving between gears is problematic.
  • The engine revs rise and fall on their own.

  • The high at which the clutch pedal engages has increased.
  • A burning smell from under the hood could indicate faulty wiring, an oil leak or the clutch slipping.
  • When the car is stationary, put it in second or third gear and release the clutch. If your vehicle doesn’t stall and the revs increase then a new clutch is required.

One way of avoiding damage and increasing the lifetime is by minimising the time that you ‘ride’ the clutch. While waiting at traffic lights or when your vehicle is stationary it is good practice to have the clutch pedal pressed all the way down. This is because there is no wear to the clutch either at this point or when the pedal has been completely released. Damage to the clutch occurs when the clutch pedal is around the halfway point of compression.

Some road users don’t even realise when they are using the clutch. A slight tap while braking can not only reduce the control that a driver has over the vehicle but can gradually wear it down.

picture of a clutch being fitted