Our Services Centre

You can increase the lifespan of your vehicle as well as raise its value through regular servicing.
Our team employs the latest technologies and methods in proving a thorough and trustworthy service.

We can provide you with three levels of service, tailored to suit any vehicle on the market.

Oil & Filter Service From £60

Our six month service consists of a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Our mechanics carry out necessary adjustments including the changing of engine oil. General wear and tear is assessed and the driver is provided with a detailed report. Call to Book – 01752 345370

Annual Service Price Customised per car above

In the 12-month service, all essential maintenance areas are thoroughly inspected. Components that require changing every two years are replaced. This includes the air filter along with brake hydraulic fluids, the external fuel filter and spark plugs.

The following checklist indicates what our mechanics will be looking out for during your car’s servicing: